Product Center
Charging System
Regular EV chargers for various application scenarios
Energy Storage System
Cabinet type industrial and commercial energy storage system
Charging Module
Committed to the research and development of core technology of charging control, providing safe and high-performance charging board cards
Charging Solution
Global, comprehensive charging solutions
Energy Storage Solution
Energy storage solutions for various application scenarios
About Us
  • Hongxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a customer-oriented supplier of intelligent energy hardware and software products R&D, investment, energy products and system solutions, With power electronic and intelligent control technology as its core, the company focuses on new energy vehicle charging, energy storage, smart energy services, intelligent power equipment and other fields. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, and has Shenzhen Digital Energy Center, Dongguan manufacturing base (Energy Storage), Guangzhou R & D and manufacturing center (EV Charger) and other branches.
  • The company's products cover energy products such as high-performance electric vehicle charging products, intelligent distribution network equipment, energy storage manufacturing and energy storage systems, and provide professional solutions for various application users such as charging, energy storage, and energy Internet to solve the diverse needs of the market.
  • Hongxin Electric builds its corporate values with a culture of Dedicated, Responsible, Focused, Professional. it has become a new star in the industry through tireless innovation accumulation and technological breakthroughs. Hongxin Electric always adheres to the authenticity of craftsman, adhered to the mission of Energy Creates The World, We Create Energy, continues to create maximum value for customers through continuous technological innovation, and achieves a low-carbon future.
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