Solution Introduction
Some remote and unconnected areas need to build their own power grids due to sparse population and distance from the main network. Using new energy to generate electricity and using microgrid technology is a better solution. Microgrids need to use solar energy, wind energy, water energy, oil turbines and other forms of power generation according to local environmental conditions and use energy storage systems to smooth power generation and electricity consumption or improve the stability of the power supply network by complementing new energy power generation with city power.
Solution Topology
Technical Features
Flexible Configuration
  • Cabinet-type design, small footprint, can be distributed on the power generation side or power consumption side.
High voltage DC bus
  • Can be connected to photovoltaic modules to achieve photovoltaic energy storage
  • Can be connected to DC loads such as electric vehicle charging piles.
Modular Design
  • Single and bidirectional AC/DC and DC/DC modules can be selected to realize photovoltaic, off-grid, charging and other functions.
Unified EMS management
  • Improve power generation, energy storage and electricity consumption efficiency.
Application Scenarios
Electricity shortage area
The power grid in remote mountainous areas is unstable. Use energy storage systems to improve grid stability.
No electricity area
Solve the problem of power generation and power supply in areas without electricity such as islands, border posts, and plateaus.