Solution Introduction
With the development of the economy, the load of the distribution network has increased, and problems such as low voltage at the terminal and heavy overload in the distribution area have become increasingly obvious. At the same time, as many distributed new energy generation devices are connected to the distribution network, the power supply structure has changed significantly. Power supply fluctuations and regional power supply quality are facing severe challenges. The distribution area energy storage system can participate in power demand response according to the power grid operation plan, play a role in absorbing new energy, peak shaving and valley filling, improve the distribution area power supply capacity, and ensure residents' reliable power consumption.
Solution Topology
Technical Features
Flexible Configuration
  • Cabinet-type design, small footprint, energy storage capacity can be configured according to actual needs.
Safe and Reliable
  • Level 4 fire safety design, cabinet zoning thermal management.
Optimized Control
  • Local EMS implements various charging and discharging strategies, and cloud EMS remote monitoring and management.
Powerful Functions
  • Power quality management, heavy overload management in distribution area, new energy consumption.
Application Scenarios
Distribution Area Network
Alleviating the capacity increase problem caused by overloading of transformers in distribution area, improving power quality, and realize new energy consumption.