Product Brief Introduction
The distributed modular energy storage system is an energy storage system designed by Hongxin for industrial and commercial power consumption scenarios. The PACK and BMS in the system are all developed and produced by the company itself, and the coupling degree is extremely high, which can operate safely and efficiently in various application scenarios. The energy storage system consists of a power supply cabinet and a battery cabinet. Its main features are small footprint and flexible configuration. It can be distributed in various industrial and commercial energy storage application scenarios to achieve functions such as peak cutting and valley filling, dynamic capacity expansion, participation in power grid deployment, and emergency power consumption.
Technical Features
Modular Design
  • Isolated or non-isolated modules with different power levels are available
  • AC/DC.DC/DC unidirectional or bidirectional conversion module is available
  • MPPT module can be selected to achieve photovoltaic access
  • STS module is optional for off-network switching
Safe and Reliable
  • The protection level of the battery cabinet is IP55, and that of the power cabinet is IP54
  • The four-level fire protection system escorts the safe and stable operation of the battery system
  • The battery cabinet has a small capacity design, the cabinet is physically isolated, and the fault is controllable
Independent branch input
  • A single cluster (single cabinet) battery independently matches a group of power conversion devices, and a multi-battery cabinet corresponds to multiple groups of power conversion devices in the power cabinet
Flexible Configuration
  • Outdoor cabinet design, small footprint, power cabinet and battery cabinet can be configured according to actual needs
  • Flexible capacity increase and decrease, multiple power cabinets and battery cabinets can be combined to achieve larger capacity applications